Author, Content Creator, Lyricist, Playwright, and Screenwriter


Hidden: Your Purpose Unveiled (2014) Selah's original musical production takes place in the world of lush yet tumultuous Ancient Persia as the engaging story of Queen Esther's rise to power unfolds.  First produced for the stage in Colorado, select scenes were then produced in 2018 by Gateway Church Performing Arts in Dallas, Texas. In 2019  Selah produced and directed an online reader's theater adaptation and audio performance, Hidden: A Sensory Bible Audio Experience, enhanced with digital music and sound effects to immerse the listener fully.

Selah chose, directed, and wrote dramatic sketches and scripts in the role of Drama Ministry Direcotr for various churches. She was a guest director for Gateway Church Performing Arts Night of Scenes during which she directed and presented excerpts adapted from her musical Hidden.


Selah is in the early research stages for a multimedia production concept.

As Founder and Director of Sensory Bible Experiences and Living Arts Tabernacle, Selah regularly writes various articles, posts, and series. She writes content and produces interview events for creatives on the latter. She directs and creates content for all three of her sites and Facebook pages personally.



Selah is presently working on a feature film and a mini-series.



Selah has a YA novella, children's book, and non-ficiton guide for creatives in progress.