Welcome! Let's discover how I can help you bring your event, idea, performance, presentation, production, voice, or words to life!


I weave engaging stories through coaching, direction, voice, and words

to reveal inspired creativity in the details and orchestration of the whole.


As a voice actor, speaking and presentation coach, copy and script writer, singer as well as theater director, I offer you:


- Over thirty years of experience in bilingual and theater education, musical theater direction, performance, and production.


- Bilingual, totally fluent dubs, reads, and descriptions in English (American) and Spanish (Mexican) with no accent, able to interpet and translate copy easily.


- Easygoing personality, engaging reads, positive mindset, in addition to professional attitude and approach.


- A wide repetoire of styles like audiobook, character, commercial,  corporate, documentary, dub, e-learning, explainer, podcast, promo, narration, song, and combination, or customization.


- A quick turnaround (depending on project).


- Excellent, friendly service at competitive rates.


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I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Selah for nearly five years during which time her dedication, hard working attitude, easy going disposition, and absolute integrity have consistently impressed me. She is a pleasure to work with, has a wide range of skills and has always over-delivered on any given assignment. Personable and wise, assiduous and enthusiastic, she makes every collaboration a joy. I look forward to any opportunity to work with her. Selah's work with us ranges from creative collaboration on projects to providing makeup and wardrobe on a film production set, to providing Spanish translation and voiceover. - Robbie Repola, CEO IMS Productions